Beach Warrior Coolangatta will be set against the backdrop of the magnificent Coolangatta and Kirra Beach and will be the most unique and beautiful obstacle race Australia has seen.


Designed by the founders of Nitro Circus Live, Beach Warrior will feature 25 challenging and fun obstacles over a 4km course on grass, sand and rocks and is open to people of all levels of fitness and all shapes and sizes over the age of 12.



Check out the awesome obstacles you’ll be taking on!

Cargo Crawl

A 30m hands and knees crawl under a heavy cargo net.

Over Unders

Climb over and roll under a series of bars set 2m apart.

Hurdle Highway

Climb/jump over 4 consecutive 1.2m high walls that will be 10m apart.

Seesaw Steppin'

Get light on your feet and balance your way up and down a 5m Seesaw.

Pyramid Alley

Climb up and over a series of inflatable pyramids.

Rise and Don't fall

Use a rope to climb up and over a 2.5m a-frame slip wall.

Hop, Skip, Burn

Hop, skip or jump your way through a 10m inflatable tyre run.

Sand Bag March

Pick up a heavy sand bag and walk/run it 50m.

On Your Knees

Crawl through a 0.5m high, 10m long tunnel.

Suck it in

Squeeze your way through a series of inflatable gaps in a wall.

Mega Cargo Climb

Climb up and over a 5m high A-frame cargo net.

Roped In

Pull in a heavily weighted sled 15m to your position, then drag it back where it came from!

Wet N Wade

Run to the waters edge and then walk/run/wade around a 30m long rope, set at knee to waist depth.

Up to your waist in ....

Pick up a sand filled pipe, carry it 40m around a flag in waist deep water.

All tied up

Drag a 3m length of heavy rope for 30m.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

A 20m mix of monkey bars and rings, get ready to feel the burn!

Inflatable Monster

Climb, crawl, squeeze and slide your way through this massive 30m obstacle run!

Bath Time

Get down low and crawl through a 10m pool, up to your chest in water.

Climb N Slide

Climb up a 2m inflatable wall and slide down the other side.

Warrior Walls

Climb up and over a 2.5m vertical wall. (Don't worry, we'll have some footholds to help.)

Inverted Issue

Gather your strength and climb up and over these backward sloping 2m walls.

Buckets of Pain

Fill your bucket with sand, pick it up and carry it for 40m.

A-frame Monkey

Swing your way along an 8m up and down hill monkey bar set.

Entry Fee


Normal Entry

Late Entry (After 9/10/19)

Elite Individual
Elite Teams (4 Person)
Individual Open: Timed
Individual Kids (12-16): Timed
Individual Open: Non-timed
Individual Kids (12-16): Non-timed


Do I have to wear shoes?

Yes! All participants must wear shoes for safety. The course includes grass, sand, rocks and the road.

Will I get wet?

Yes! Several obstacles will take you waist deep in the ocean. You won't be required to swim.

Can I register on the day?

Entries are limited to 1000 people. The race will fill up fast, so register online early. If there are spots available, registrations on the day will be possible.

How do the race waves work?

We will be placing everyone into waves. There will be approximately 30-50 racers per wave. If you want to race with a group, ensure you join or create a group when you register.

When should I get to the beach?

We recommend arriving at least 1.5 hours before your start time. Allowing you enough time to park, check-in, warm up etc.

How do I know which wave I am in?

Waves will be starting from 1pm through to approximately 4:00pm. We will email all racers 24 hours before race day with your wave start time.

Does my mixed elite team have to be 2 men and 2 women?

No, a mixed team can be any mix of men and women, E.g, 3 men, 1 woman.

What if I can't complete an obstacle?

No worries! We will have a penalty run set up for anyone who can not complete an obstacle.

I'm a participant, where can I find more info about race day?

Please see above in the entry info section.

Race Day Schedule

Registration Check-In opens
First Wave Starts
Last wave finishes