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The inaugural Beach Warrior club event in South Melbourne, Victoria has been postponed due to the information and recommendations set out by the Federal Government in relation to the COVID-19 virus.

All registered participants will receive an email outlining the process for transferring their registration or accessing a refund for paid entry fees.

Further information will be communicated once it is known.

Please see the Beach Warrior Contact Us page for any inquiries.

Course Map


1. Cargo Crawl
A 30m hands and knees crawl under a heavy cargo net.
2. Duck and Weave
Climb over and roll under a series of bars set 2m apart.
3. Hurdle Highway
Climb/jump over 4 consecutive 1.2m high walls, 10m apart.
4. Hurdle Highway
Climb/jump over 4 consecutive 1.2m high walls, 10m apart.
5. Pyramid of Doom
2m high inflatable pyramid, racers will use footholds to climb up and over.
6. Steady as she Goes
A 10m balance beam to test you coordination under fatigue.
7. Sandbag March
Carry a sand bag (20kg for men, 12kg for women and youth) 50m.
8. All Tied Up
Pull a weighted sled with a 15m rope, then drag it back.
9. Wet N Wade
Run to the waters edge and then walk/run/wade around a 30m long rope, set at knee to waist depth.
10. Warrior Walls
Climb up and over a 2.5m vertical wall. (Don’t worry, we’ll have some footholds to help.)
11. Inflatable Monster
A 30m inflatable obstacle course including climbing, crawling and jumping.
12. Up to your Waist
Carry a PVC torsion bar (8kg for men, 6kg for women and youth) around a marker placed in less than waist deep water.
13. Inverted Issue
Climb up and over these backward sloping 2m walls.
14. For Whom the Bell Tolls
Drag a kettlebell (20kg, 16 kg for women and youth) for 50m.
15. Buckets of Pain
Fill your bucket with sand, pick it up and carry it for 40m.
16. Mind the Gap
An inflatable obstacle with 3 consecutive walls, each with a 50cm to squeeze through.
17. Hop, Skip, Burn
Hop, skip or jump your way through a 10m inflatable tyre run.
18. Funky Monkey
A 20m mix of monkey bars and rings, get ready to feel the burn!
19. Rise and Don't Fall
Use a rope to climb up and over a 2.5m a-frame slip wall.
20. Climb & Slide
Climb up a 2m inflatable wall and slide down the other side.

Entry Fees


Early Bird (until 23/2)

Normal Entry

Elite 18+
Elite Youth 12-17 Years
General 18+
Youth 12-17
Family Groups - 2 x Adults and 2 x Children
Emergency Services teams

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