Meet the Beach Warrior Obstacles

All Tied Up

Pull a weighted sled with a 15m rope, then drag it back.

Buckets of Pain

Fill your bucket with sand, pick it up and carry it for 40m.

Cargo Crawl

A 30m hands and knees crawl under a heavy cargo net.

Climb and Slide

Climb up a 2m inflatable wall and slide down the other side.

Hop, Skip, Burn

Hop, skip or jump your way through a 10m inflatable tyre run.

Hurdle Highway

Climb/jump over 4 consecutive 1.2m high walls that will be 10m apart.

Inflatable Monster

Climb, crawl, squeeze and slide your way through this massive 30m obstacle run!

Inverted Issue

Gather your strength and climb up and over these backward sloping 2m walls.

Funky Monkey

A 20m mix of monkey bars and rings, get ready to feel the burn!

Duck and Weave

Climb over and roll under a series of bars set 2m apart.

Rise and Don’t Fall

Use a rope to climb up and over a 2.5m a-frame slip wall.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Drag a kettlebell (20kg, 16 kg for women and youth) for 50m.

Sand Bag March

Pick up a heavy sand bag and walk/run it 50m.

Splash Pool

Crawl through a 20cm pool of water, slipping over and under a series of bars.

Mind the Gap

Squeeze your way through three inflatable walls, each with a 50cm gap.

Up To You Waist In…

Pick up a sand filled pipe, carry it 40m around a flag in waist deep water.

Warrior Walls

Climb up and over a 2.5m vertical wall. (Don’t worry, we’ll have some footholds to help.)

Wet N Wade

Run to the waters edge and then walk/run/wade around a 30m long rope, set at knee to waist depth.